by Paramhansa Yogananda

Question: Is God a Father or a Mother?

Answer: God is both the Father and the Mother Principle. If we consider God as transcendental, He is neither Father nor Mother, but as soon as think of God in terms of human relations He becomes the Father or the Mother.

When God created this universe He had two aspects—the Father or positive aspect and the Mother or negative aspect. Pure reason or wisdom is the Father aspect of God. All nature that we behold is the Mother aspect of God, because in nature we find beauty, gentleness, and kindness. The flowers, birds, and the beauties of nature all speak of the Mother aspect of God—the creative, motherly instinct of God. When we look at all the good things in nature, we feel a tenderness rise within us; we can see and feel God in nature.

Reason and Feeling

Pure reason and pure feeling have intuitive qualities. Pure reason sees as clearly as pure feeling. Women have a keen intuition. They lose it only when they become overexcited. In logic or reason, if the premise is wrong, the conclusion will be wrong, but intuition or pure feeling can never be wrong.

God is often spoken of as the three aspects—Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the Mother aspect of God. All creation is the Son. The Father and Mother aspects of God had to have a son or emblem in which to express their love. We are the children of that love. When we see a family, we see the miniature of that greater family—God represented in the father and in the mother with both father and mother expressing their love in the child.

Family Relationship

Why is it that in a family there is a mother, a father, and a child? Because that is what God is. He is Infinite Wisdom and He is Infinite Feeling. He had to have a vehicle through which He might express His wisdom and feeling. When God manifested Himself in Creation He gave His wisdom a form, and that became the Father. He gave His feeling a form, and that became the Mother.

When we give everything away to the Divine Mother and love unconditionally, then the Divine Mother comes to us. If we once feel that love in our heart which is the love of the father and the mother, and the love of the mother to the child, and the love of the lover to the beloved—then we will know that we are in the love of God.

From Inner Culture, October 1939

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