Dance in me Thy dance of Infinity, by Paramhansa Yogananda

Thou lovest, O Mother Divine, to dance the dance of destruction.

Thou dost shatter fragile mortal flames in Thy war-dance of destruction, to show, smilingly, that our souls remain unbroken.

With Thy mercy Thou dost scale the hardened, mud-encrusted cover of delusions coated over us.

Since Thou lovest the dance of devastation, Mother, I have cremated all my desires, frailties, weaknesses and finiteness, forever and ever, and joined Thy dance of destruction of all evils.

O Mother, since now nothing more is left of my finiteness for Thee to destroy, dance in me Thy Dance of infinity and of love, instead.

from Whispers from Eternity
by Swami Yogananda

2 Responses to Dance in me Thy dance of Infinity, by Paramhansa Yogananda

  1. Alan Larus says:


    I pictured gurus line above
    at a place so quite like this
    appearing by the heavens bliss

    In the grass, ears and eyes
    the frogs and dragonflies
    Waters flow, corn of gold
    all-told love, cooing dove

    Who’s with thirst
    Never knew, senses cup
    drank it all in bottoms up

    In a place so quite the same
    There’s a stream and flower tree
    It appears She took a seat in me

    Keep in mind, what’s to find
    Not of Kingdom to be bereft
    See who smiles, simply say request
    Her name

  2. Wisdom says:

    Thanks for the gracious things, thanks for geting me close.

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