I Will Wait for Thee, by Paramhansa Yogananda

In the corner of my heart I have a mystic throne for Thee. The candles of my joys are dimly lighted in the hope of Thy coming. They will burn brighter when Thou appearest. Whether Thou comest or not, I will wait for Thee until my tears melt away all material grossness.

To please Thee my love-perfumed tears will wash Thy feet of silence. The altar of my soul will be kept empty until Thou comest.

I will talk not; I will ask naught of Thee. I will wait, realizing that Thou knowest the pangs of my heart while I wait for Thee.

Will that day dawn for me, O Divine Mother, when the utterance of Thy name will cause a flood of tears that will inundate the drought of my heart and burst open the dark gates of my ignorance?

from Metaphysical Meditations
by Swami Yogananda

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