O Divine Mother, I Am Thine, for Thou Art Eternally Mine, by Paramhana Yogananda

Divers-colored gorgeous garlands of my devotion will encircle Thy lotus feet of omnipresent love.

I beheld the dance of the feet of Thine activity in the twinkle of the starlets. I beheld the dance of Thy light in the bluebells and the larkspurs. Thy footsteps echoed over bounding billows of aurora lights. I beheld Thy fantastic dance of life in the halls of evolution. But, Divine Mother, the calm grace of Thy bliss-face has remained ever-veiled behind the clouds of appearances and the chimerical veils of my flickering thoughts.

I have waited long to behold Thy face. My impatience has burned with a million tongues of flame, with the flame of my burning craving for Thee.

I burnt the sky. I ignited the stars. I melted the binding atoms of planets. In my melting light, searching for Thee, the heavenly lamps and lights lost their balance in space and plunged headlong. The space shadows, mind shadows, ignorance shadows, all shifted before the strong burst of my life’s light.

My powerful light consumed everything; and, as the many arms of my luminous love sought to embrace and hold Thee, the heart of my loving light was broken — for voidness laughed at me from everywhere.

My light wept dewdrops of trickling stars, until all space was filled with the beam of my light. The crying flame called aloud for Thee, everywhere, and in its echo in Thine omnipresent Space, I heard Thy voice, saying without sound:

“The light of thy love, which swallowed up everything in one light, is Myself! Thou hast sought thyself as Me, and hast kept Me afar from thee. Finding thyself by Myself, seek Me no more as apart from thee and as beyond the boundaries of thy heart. I am thou and thou art I!

The earth may be shattered to dust and thrown into cosmic space — pictures of universes may come and go on the screen of time — but I will ever be Thine, O Divine Mother, for Thou art eternally mine.

from Whispers from Eternity
by Paramhansa Yogananda

3 Responses to O Divine Mother, I Am Thine, for Thou Art Eternally Mine, by Paramhana Yogananda

  1. Rajendra Prasad misra says:

    One of the great saints india has produced, swami yogananda has been guiding us all through. I am his humble devotee. Jai guru.

  2. Rajendra Prasad misra says:

    Beautiful prayer by one of the great saints India has produced. Jai Guru.

  3. Rajendra Prasad misra says:

    Beautiful poem by my Guru.

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