O Mother! How Shall I Call Thee?

O Mother? How shall I call Thee?
Sometimes Thou sittest on Shiva’s left
and sometimes Thou standest on Shiva’s chest.
Sometimes Thou are in cosmic form
and sometimes Thou art a nude woman;
Sometimes Thou art Krishna’s sweetheart
and sometimes Thou art Krishna fallen at Radha’s feet.
Sometimes Thou art Mother of the universe
dwelling in the five elements;
Sometimes Thou art Kulakundalini on the four-petalled lotus.
Prasada says, “I shall listen to none.”
The name “Mother” is peerless
Therefore, Mother, I call Thee “Mother” to get Thy secure feet.

Ramprasada’s Devotional Songs—The Cult of Shakti, by Dr. Jadunath Sinha

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