Ramakrishna on Divine Mother

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Sri Ramakrishna

“The Divine Mother revealed to me in the Kali temple that it was She who had become everything. She showed me that everything was full of Consciousness. The image was Consciousness, the altar was Consciousness, the water-vessels were Consciousness, the door-sill was Consciousness, the marble floor was Consciousness — all was Consciousness. I found everything inside the room soaked, as it were, in Bliss — the Bliss of God. I saw a wicked man in front of the Kali temple; but in him also I saw the power of the Divine Mother vibrating. That was why I fed a cat with the food that was to be offered to the Divine Mother. I clearly perceived that all this was the Divine Mother — even the cat. The manager of the temple garden wrote to Mathur Babu saying that I was feeding the cat with the offering intended for the Divine Mother. But Mathur Babu had insight into the state of my mind. He wrote back to the manager: ‘Let him do whatever he likes. You must not say anything to him.'”

—from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna by “M”

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3 Responses to Ramakrishna on Divine Mother

  1. Easwari says:

    The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna by M is a must read. It is full of Divine Nectar for those who are searching for the Divine.
    It is interesting that Paramahamsa Yogananda had the same experience with Mother Kali as Sri Ramakrishna. Paramahamsa Yogananda referred to this experience in the “Man’s Eternal Quest”.
    Thank you for publishing this website.

  2. Douglas Gray says:

    The real miracle in Paramahansa Yogananda’s experience was that he brought along his angry, belligerent brother-in-law who said, “I don’t trust Divine Mother to do a single thing for me.” But then he was transformed, and spent much of his life deeply prayer to Divine Mother until he had a vision of her also.

  3. Oh yes, I recall reading about his belligerent brother-in-law but forgot all about the fact that Mother came to him in a vision. Thanks for adding your comment, it is always wonderful to have a reminder of our compassionate Mother.

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