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The Final Goal

Swami Kriyananda concludes his autobiography, The New Path, with a chapter titled “The Final Goal.” It is notable that the last words of the story of his life are entirely about his relationship to God as the Divine Mother. He … Continue reading

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Swami Vivekananda’s Prayers to Divine Mother

Swami Kriyananda told this story, of Swami Vivekananda’s prayers to Divine Mother, many times over the years. He held it up as an example of how to pray to Her, and how we forget all of our worldly needs when … Continue reading

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O Shyama, Thou Art Flying Kites

by Ramprasad Sen In the world’s busy market-place, O Shyama, Thou art flying kites; High up they soar on the wind of hope, held fast by maya’s string. Their frames are human skeletons, their sails of the three gunas made; … Continue reading

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You Haven’t Seen How Kali Is

by Ramprasad Sen Mind, you’re still not rid of your illusions; you haven’t seen how Kali is. You know the Mother manifests as the three worlds, but you seem not to know it, ______really. That Mother who adorns the world … Continue reading

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Shakti: Realm of the Divine Mother

There is a beautifully written book on the various energies and forms of the Divine Mother — authored by Vanamali, a long time friend of Swami Kriyananda and Ananda. In Shakti: Realm of the Divine Mother, she covers the philosophical and … Continue reading

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Two Visions of Kali

The following two visions of Kali—one by Paramhansa Yogananda when he was the young Mukunda and the other by the Bengali poet Ramprasad Sen—are described by Swami Kriyananda in his book Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography. These two stories highlight an … Continue reading

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Ramakrishna on Divine Mother

“The Divine Mother revealed to me in the Kali temple that it was She who had become everything. She showed me that everything was full of Consciousness. The image was Consciousness, the altar was Consciousness, the water-vessels were Consciousness, the … Continue reading

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“Who tells me Thou art dark…?”

Out of emotion or sentiment, people are prone to make Divine Mother so humanly personal as to become small. The Divine Mother is beyond form and beyond human sentiment. Yogananda used to sing a chant: Who tells me Thou art … Continue reading

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