Bengali Poet Ramprasad’s Last Words

Ramprasad Sen, Bengali bhakti poet

Ramprasad Sen

At the end of Ramprasad’s life he is reported to have sang the following song. As he finished the last lines, he said, “It is achieved,” and then left the body.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *

Tara, do you remember me any more?
Mother I have lived happy, is there happiness hereafter?

Had there been any other place, I could not have
besought you. But now, Mother, having given me hope,
you have cut my bonds, you have lifted me to the tree’s top.

Ramprasad says: My mind is firm, and my gift
to the priest well made. Mother, my Mother, my all is
finished. I have offered my gift.

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